Outrun Mill Websites are crafted to uplift your unique business and inspire your community

We design, develop, and maintain one-of-a-kind websites for one-of-a-kind businesses. Sound like you? We can’t wait to meet. Contact us today.

What Sets our Sites Apart

First of all, you won’t see a template website at Outrun Mill. You don’t have a template business, and you deserve a website that actually works for you not against you. With us, you get the capabilities of a big agency, with the honesty, flexibility, and understanding of a small in-house team. 

Have a Website That's Custom to You

Honing your business and your needs. We dive into your business to gather most if not all of the information we need to design and develop a new website custom to you.

Immersive Hyper-Responsive Technique Guarantees Perfection on All Devices.

We go beyond responsiveness to ensure content restructures and resizes on any screen. Our advanced technique guarantees consistent pixel-perfect websites on every device.

Full Accessibility Ensured by Our Expertise and Proven Process

Our well-oiled process guarantees compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). We take accessibility very seriously. From discovery to testing, we never make any exceptions to ensure every user can experience your website.

Empower Your Website's Growth with Our Post-Publish Solutions

Robust post-publish solutions, or Post Solutions as we call them, allow your website to grow and succeed with you. We specialize in growing websites, not just building them. Take the weight off your shoulders and let your website fuel your growth.

Secure and Ultra-Fast Website Hosting with Webflow

We LOVE Webflow for many reasons, but hosting is one of the biggest. They offer some of the most secure and fastest performance available today. Paired with our best practice-focused development, our websites are the fastest websites money can buy.

Maximize Your ROI with Custom, Google-Friendly Website Content Crafted Just for You

We use our expertise and tools to create a unique copy guide and work with you to write custom copy that feels like YOU. It is important that your website has the best possible on-page SEO to maximize the returns on your investment. Every fiber of your website is crafted with you in mind.

Meet the Team

Outrun Mill was just a spark of a dream when we, Tresha and Riley, were completing our Computer Science degrees at the University of Montana. After years of working in the industry, we are now living the dream, delivering spectacular websites together while working remotely in beautiful Montana. 

Tresha Sanders drinking a local craft beer at a Brewfest in downtown Missoula, Montana.

Tresha Sanders

I love making your vision a reality. My other passions include typography, craft beer, and gardening.

Photograph of Riley Beckham in a nice gray suit and tie.

Riley Beckham

I love reframing how people view their websites. My passions include custom code solutions, golfing, and pizza.

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